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The Bruce Company of Wisconsin, Inc.
(608) 836-7041
2830 West Beltline Highway
Middleton, WI
Products / Services
Aluminum Furniture, Annuals, Aquatic Containers, Aquatics, Arrangement Accessories, Balloons & Accessories, Benches / Chairs / Tables, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Bird Houses / Nest Boxes, Bulbs, Business Services, Candy, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Christmas Lighting, Christmas Ornaments & Decorations, Christmas Trees, Christmas Trees - Live B&B, Christmas Trees - Live Container, Christmas Trees, Wreaths & Greens - Permanent, Conifers / Evergreens, Containers, Container…

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Jung Garden Center
(608) 271-8900
6192 Nesbitt Rd
Fitchburg, WI
Products / Services
Annuals, Aquatics, Arrangement Accessories, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Bulbs, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Conifers / Evergreens, Containers - Decorative, Crop Protection, Decorative Planters & Urns, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Gardening Tools, Gardening Supplies, Gift Certificates, Groundcovers, Hand Tools, Horticulture Companies, Mulch, Perennials, Pest Control Supplies, Plants, Pottery, Roses, Seed, Seeds, Shrubs, Trees, Vin…

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Goods For The Garden
(800) 663-3158
P.O. Box 45704
Madison, WI

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Klein's Floral & Greenhouses
(608) 244-5661
3758 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI
Products / Services
Annuals, Arrangement Accessories, Builders / Contractors, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Container Gardening, Containers - Decorative, Decorative Planters & Urns, Ferns, Fertilizers, Florist, Flowers, Foliage & Plant Products, Fresh Plants, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Gardening Supplies, Giftware, Greenhouse Growers, Greenhouse Supplies & Equipment, Hand Tools, Herbicides, Herbs, Houseplants, Insecticide, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Natural Pestici…

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Country Bloomers Greenhouses
(608) 846-1921
6696 Portage Rd
De Forest, WI
Products / Services
Builders / Contractors

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Orchids By the Ackers
(608) 831-4700
4823 County Road Q
Waunakee, WI
Products / Services
Annuals, Builders / Contractors, Cards & Envelopes, Catalog Merchants, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Containers, Containers - Decorative, Fertilizers, Florist, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Garden Stakes / Plant Supports, Gardening Supplies, Greenhouse Growers, Greeting Cards, Hoses / Watering Devices, Industry Supplies & Services, Irrigation Supplies, Mail Order, Orchids, Perennials, Plants, Potting Soil, Saucers / Pot Feet / Mats, Soil & Amendments, Specialty Supp…

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Irish Lane Greenhouses
(608) 271-3230
5555 Irish Ln
Fitchburg, WI
Products / Services
Builders / Contractors, Florist

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K & A Greenhouse
(608) 833-5244
7595 W Mineral Point Rd
Verona, WI
Products / Services
Builders / Contractors, Vegetables

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Jung Garden Center
(608) 249-8120
1313 Northport Dr
Madison, WI
Products / Services
Annuals, Aquatics, Bulbs, Chemicals, Crop Protection, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Groundcovers, Horticulture Companies, Mulch, Perennials, Plants, Roses, Seeds, Shrubs, Trees, Vines

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Salad Garden Greenhouse
(608) 523-4269
313 State Road 78
Mt. Horeb, WI
Products / Services

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Fall Garden Tips

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

Now that the dog days of summer have passed, it's time to start thinking about a few fall gardening chores. Fall is the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs , divide perennials as well as move your houseplants and herbs indoors.

Herbs Indoors
Fall doesn't mean you have to forego fresh herbs; simply bring them indoors! Not all herbs will grow indoors, so be sure to read up and then select the appropriate varieties such as thyme, rosemary or even parsley. It is important that they receive enough sunlight, so place them in a location that receives approximately 6 hours of sunlight. Remember, some herbs will require less sunlight. During the fall and winter months, your herbs won't require as much water, however, misting will keep them happy!

Move Houseplants Indoors
Don't wait until you start getting a frost to move your houseplants indoors. You will want to bring them indoors when the outside temperature is similar to that of your inside temperature. Basically, if you are comfortable leaving the windows open, then it might be a good time to go ahead and start acclimating your plants back to the indoors. While your plants were outdoors, it's possible they acquired pests such as ants. To get rid of pests, treat with a mild insecticide. It is also a good idea to wash the leaves of your houseplants with a mixture of mild soap and water. As with your herbs, most houseplants will not require as much watering during the colder months.

Divide Perennials
Approximately 6 weeks before the first hard freeze is expected is a good time to think about dividing some of your crowded spring perennials. It is a good idea to know your plants though since not all perennials need to be divided.

Daffodils Mixed
Planting Bulbs
Fall is the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs like Tulips and Daffodils . Now is also the perfect time for bulb feed or bone meal.

Digging up Bulbs
Just after the first hard freeze, it's time to dig up summe...

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Fall Gardening


By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

Ceratostigm Plumbago
Often referred to as Plumbago. Makes a colorful ground cover with its low growing, steadily spreading habit and deep blue hue. Plant in full sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Foliage takes on a reddish-bronze tone with cooler temperatures.

Also referred to as Tickseed. It has a daisy-like and can be used in front of border, groundcover or underplanting. Plant in full sun.

Russian Sage
Woody perennial with gray leaves with lavender blue to gray-blue flowers. Plant in full sun.

Fall blooming Asters come in colors ranging from white, to pink or blue. They are a great way to add a boost of color during the fall.

Like Asters, Mums are a great way to add a punch of color in the fall. They have a tight, mounded habit and stunning bloom cover making them perfect for mass plantings.

Remember, the onset of Fall does not mean your gardening is over. With Fall blooming annuals and perennials, you can have splashes of color almost year round.

For easy online shopping for your gardening needs, try: Michigan Bulb Co. and Gardener's Supply Co.

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