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Mclaughlin Stone & Masonry Supply
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A-Jet Masonry
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P & M Stucco & Stone
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EMC Masonry-The Brick Guy
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A&A Installation Inc
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Cisco High Lift Masonary Supply
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A Ko Masonry Inc
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Vance Franks Masonry
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Rustic Wall & Terrace
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Make Your Own Stepping Stones

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

If you've ever priced stepping stones, you know that they can be rather pricey. However, you can make your own and save a bundle while adding personalized touches to your garden. This is a fun and easy project to do with your kids as well. They make great additions to any type garden as well as personalized gifts that friends and family will adore.

What You Will Need:

  • Drop cloth, newspapers or old sheet
  • Cement/Concrete mix such as Quikrete (found at hardware stores, a 60 pound bag will make 6 stones)
  • Hardware cloth or screening (found at hardware stores, this will help reinforce the stepping stones)
  • Cement color (optional - used to add color to the stepping stones)
  • Mold(s)
  • Flourishes (mosaic tiles, objects to make impressions, paints, etc)

Molds - molds can be made using items such as tin foil pie or roasting pans, plastic planter saucers or store-bought molds that can be found in most craft supply stores. You can also make your stepping stone mold(s) using 2 x 4's to form a square or other basic shapes.

Flourishes - you can use just about anything you can come up with to add personal touches to your stepping stones. Create a mosaic with tile chips, create patterns or edging with colored glass, marbles or even seashells. Use leaves or flowers to create impressions. You can even purchase patio paints designed to endure the elements. The sky's the limit with this project.

  1. First - protect your working area with an old sheet, newspapers or painter's drop cloth.
  2. Set out your mold(s) and flourishes. If you are creating a mosaic design, make sure that you have laid it out to ensure that it will look as you want it to look.
  3. Prepare your cement/concrete mix following the manufacturer's directions. If you are using a concrete color, add into concrete per manufacturer's directions.
  4. Spoon concrete into the mold filling it about half full, then smooth it down.
  5. Lay your cut piece of screening or hardware cl...

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