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Rst Painting
(406) 531-1554
1209 Schilling St
Missoula, MT
Amundson Painting
(406) 880-4725
313 E Sussex Ave
Missoula, MT
Picasso Bros. Painting
(406) 493-0040
500 Inez St
Missoula, MT
Commercial, Decorative, Residential

Missoula Valley Painting
(406) 543-7497
1823 Mcdonald Ave
Missoula, MT
Timlick Painting Tom
(406) 728-8176
2203 36th St
Missoula, MT
Staggs Painting Power Washing
(406) 549-6619
1862 S 14th St W
Missoula, MT
Willard Neighbors
(406) 549-5676
1725 North Ave W
Missoula, MT
Silvertip Painting
(406) 542-3729
2222 Westfield CT
Missoula, MT
Garde Painting
(406) 721-7627
329 S 4th St W
Missoula, MT
Professional Painting
(406) 327-0563
1935 Dixon Ave
Missoula, MT

Paint Techniques

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Decorative Faux Painting can add depth and beauty to any room in your home. Whether you're looking for a dramatic, obvious effect or a series of subtle highlights, there is a Decorative Finish to match your style.

Decorative painting can be easy and fun if you follow the steps below:

  1. Select a color scheme
  2. Decide upon a style
  3. Apply a new base coat or use a previously painted and properly prepared surface
  4. Apply glaze(s) using appropriate tools and technique

Selecting a Color Scheme

The Home Depot offers a vast selection of paint colors for your Decorative Paint project. Keep in mind that different styles, techniques, base coats and glaze mixtures will yield various looks. Often the color or colors you select will appear different when painted on a wall versus what is printed on a color chip. The amount of paint and glaze you apply or remove from the surface, the technique used, and how similar or different the colors are to each other will also affect the final look. Always practice on a 2'x2' sample board to view color selections and style before starting an interior decorative painting project.

Note: Paint companies, such as Behr Paint and Ralph Lauren, offer pre-determined color combinations that are recommended for Decorative Painting.

Deciding Upon a Style
It would literally be impossible to discuss every style of decorative painting that exists today. So, to narrow your choices down, an outline of six of the most popular and commonly used styles is listed below:

  • Sponging On
    • Additive style
    • Creates a defined pattern great for large rooms
  • Sponging Off
    • Subtractive style
    • Creates a parchment look
  • Dragging
    • Subtractive style
    • Creates an antique, distressed look
    • Great for doors, trim, and furnitur
  • Colorwashing
    • Subtractive style
    • Produces a rustic, time-worn look
  • Ragging On
    • Additive style
    • Creates a dramatic pattern
  • Ragging Off
    • Subtractive style
    • Creates a subtle pattern

Note: The styles described above all represent "techniques" of decorative painting. Some paint manufacturers such as Ralph Lauren offer their own signature techniques. For more information, see the Ralph Lauren link below.

Applying a Base Coat/Preparing the Surface
To achieve a professional-quality look, be sure to start with either a...

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