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Wedding Registry.

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Pharmacy, Portrait Studio
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Grand Home Furnishings
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Schewel Furniture Co
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Mediterranean Bedroom

by: Lifestyle Design Homes,

Create a warm and inviting Mediterranean bedroom with terracotta walls. Create an aging effect with crackle-glazed furniture and create features around the room with decorative swirls and patterns.

Wall colour paint effect
Soften walls with a paint effect colour wash. Lightly brush paint onto the walls. Then, using a dry brush gently brush off the paint using different brush strokes. Oranges, peaches and terracotta work well to give a great textured and aged look.
Cupboard doors
To add a rustic touch to furniture, cut out a square section of a cupboard or wardrobe door. Nail chicken wire to the back of the hole in the door. Staple gathered cream material behind the hole to complete the look.
Crackle glaze furniture
Apply your first coat with a water-based paint. When dry, apply crackle medium. Apply a topcoat in different coloured paint. Cover furniture with an antiquing varnish to seal. For another aged effect, lightly sand the edges of varnished furniture.
Fresh floor
To bring warmth and light into a room, remove any carpets and paint the floor boards white. Seal with two coats of varnish.
Artistic paint effects
Bring some artistic patterns into the room using terracotta, cream, brown and yellow paints. Paint patterns of feather swirls and olive leaves onto furniture. To enhance the effect, match your design with curtain and duvet fabric.

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